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Inspiration comes and goes; it never stays … why so? I don’t know … Wish I knew, I would have kept inspiration my permanent hostage. I guess this is where the difference lies between greats, good and the rest of the lot like me !

Can you push yourself to get inspired? … Yes it’s an option, but why go against the nature? Results won’t be as sweet as they should be. And then there is this unexpected; when least expected factor … the blown away feeling … your mind (or heart some would say) become obsessed … obsessed to the extent of madness. A catalyst that just pushes you to keep going, no matter what … scratch your head as much as you like, but sometimes you just have to “love the things that make you”

Being a sucker for new adventures and cultures, again I took a leap of faith to a new frontier, this time it was Australia. The ‘Down Under’ land, far away as they say … it literally is far away. Simply put, countless miles of beauty on an enormous island

Then Tough Mudder happened … a timely jump start that I badly needed, reminding me that I am not made to live in my comfort zone; I am here to push the boundaries. Not only I survived The Mudder but in the process I made awesome bunch of friends … what else I could ask for? 🙂

Challenging myself is what I am made of … inspiration is back on track … ‘She’ll be alright mate’ 😛

Tough Mudder