Life is short, make fun of it

Posted: December 24, 2015 in My inspirations

Some of the best ideas come to mind when you are about to wake up OR you don’t let your analyst bit of the brain to process Ifs & Butts (yes I said Butts) … little ambitions approach? May be yes, but then what’s the fun if not being tiny bit ambitions 😛

Happening of 1st Tough Mudder back in March – 2014 was the catalyst to challenge myself; what happened later is history now. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is one dirty experience as we all know. It caught my attention last year and I decided it was time to MOVE boldly. By the end of 2015, I will have

  • Participated in 13 OCR’s (9xSpartans, 3xTough Mudders & 1xStampede)
  • Ran approximately 252 kms during race events
  • Traversed over 355 man-made obstacles
  • Couple of stadium stomps and a half marathon

What drove me to make this muddy bold MOVE? … Well, 2013 was challenging, another move, and new place to live. I was becoming a couch comfy creature, I was in quick sand. And then I saw a clip of Tough Mudder, it took me less than 10 mins to sign up for next even in Melbourne – 2014 (again, don’t let your analyst bit of the brain to process Ifs & Butts). I finished my first OCR somehow, it was painful to say the least … but I knew I had to conquer that beast; so I put myself to the test!

My journey into the world of OCR made me physically MOVING and engaging with obstacles helped me THINK better by turning daily challenges into points of power and ponder. Obstacle course racing benefits and empowers my life, simply put helping me SMILE more. It’s amazing how the simple little things can make a big difference in morale, determination, energy coursing through my veins, all ready to test my limits!

The obvious question which you would ask, what brings me to hurtle through physical pain and mud ridden obstacles? Some would say to get off the couch, others for the thrill fun. As for me, I just want to feel alive. My mind stops fidgeting, chatting, and incessantly badgering me, I am focused, zeroed-in on my footing, my hand placement, the rope, the metal, and my breath

Obstacle racers, covered in mud, focused, instinct forward, feel alive, raw, unshackled, and connected to what’s important: setting an example, being an inspiration, taking a chance, building confidence & supporting others. We’re overcome with gratitude, we are pleasantly humbled and we see ourselves more clearly. We remember what it tastes like to feel fully alive, all those things that matter finally get our full attention

Next time you’re stuck in a rut, feeling crappy, having anxiety, struggling to exist or just bonkers frustrated, participate in activities that turns quicksand into a springboard, challenge yourself physically and mentally, and create solutions verses roadblocks

Its more than a by-product of water and dirt … It’s a Kash thing … 😉


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