Bad Blogger

Posted: December 31, 2011 in My inspirations

Soooo, another year flew by like a whisker; hardly felt its coming and going … yep, these are the times we live now !

Just like anybody else, I also had mixed bag 2011 … had my fair share of highs and lows, smiles and woes. Looking back at 2011, I am quite relieved (and tiny bit proud) that I managed to keep my head up despite things going bananas sometimes … but hey, this is how its suppose to be right, otherwise its boring, innit? 😉

Sadly, I missed two of my regular goals in 2011:

  1. Despite I traveled a lot (again); clocked more than 50,000 miles around the world … but I couldn’t  manage to visit 2 new countries in 2011 ! … This is something which I really regret; I feel I missed the action in 2011. My aim would be to at least visit (instead of regualr 2) 3 new countries in 2012 !
  2. Yep … I didn’t write enough blogs; or should I say didn’t write at all … this is very sad; I don’t (and should not) have any excuse for not writing blog, but fact remains that I didn’t. I love writing when I get inspiration; and probably I lacked inspirations during 2011 … this needs to be rectified in 2012 !

On positive side … I have a long list of achievements in 2011; sports was one of them. My obsession to do various challenging sports continued over 2011 and I am carrying it over to 2012 😀

On a final note for 2011 … I am sharing this photo which somehow indicates the last evening of 2011 … have a great 2012 !

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