It has been two weeks or so since I returned from Thailand’s magical trip … and just about now, the holiday hangover is starting to fade away. Switching back to ‘work mode’ hasn’t been easy I must say … couple of souvenir post cards from Cloud 19 Beach Retreat (which are now hanging on my office wall btw) didn’t help to recover quickly 😀

What makes ‘Land Of Smiles’ so special? It’s actually every single bit of it: people, weather, food, places … everything. I don’t think it’s possible to describe everything in words; but there is a good chance that some photos may do the trick … so enjoy them at the bottom of the post

Flood gates to my everlasting passion of experiencing new cultures & places actually opened up after my deployment in Bangkok back in 2003. Until then, I had very little interest in exploring new places. By 2003, I had merely visited 4 countries … but after Thailand, this appetite woke up, and to date I have been to 66 cities in 28 countries and counting … sounds amazing isn’t it; in fact not really!

Met some amazing people during trip to Phuket. Bumping into Mr. & Mrs. Yilmaz was sheer coincidence. Balcony of their beautiful house which is right next to the beach, serves a breath taking view … even the lone tree, which stood defiant to block this view of paradise … was hardly a distraction. At that very moment, I was pretty sure, that’s it … there is nothing better out there. I was so wrong … meet ‘The Masters of Adventures’ aka Mr. & Mrs. Alan. Open seas is their territory. They have been sailing & living in open waters for some years now. Apparently, life at ‘Down Under’ didn’t offer enough adventure to them, so they left Australia & literally moved to a boat (yes .. a boat, the floating thingy). They have been to so many amazing places that they have actually lost the count of it now … and here I am, having seen just the tiny bit of what world has to offer, was feeling somewhat adventurous. I guess I have to step up and do bit more effort than only seeing at least two new places every year. Who knows, someday I might come to good terms with open waters too  … if that happens, I have the perfect name for my boat … ‘Ship Happens’ 🙂

Aerial view of Phuket

Aerial view of Phuket

First sunset of the many amazing ones …

Tranquility at its best …

Simply perfect

Crystal clear …

View from Mr. Yilmaz’s balcony

‘Lost & Found’ … did you forget your flip-flops?

Taking off from Phuket, some were just coming over …

  1. umer says:

    wah, amazing………. next destination is cloud 19

  2. deena says:

    Simply amazing!! Now i have something to convince my better half. One look at this and Im sure he will come my way:)

  3. Cecilia says:

    *gasp…* Simply perfect is understatement!

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