Jump starting my inspirations

Posted: September 23, 2010 in My inspirations

Probably I am not the only one whose inspirations are powered-up by various sources; sometimes you wake up inspired, sometimes inspiration is simply kicked off by an incident, vision, idea or a place … but sometimes, you actually have to jump start it 🙂

Is it brain? or heart? Who give us these inspirations? … I think it’s their team work; nevertheless in whichever way these inspirations come … I take them with open arms. Riding fast motorbikes is one of my passions … needless to say that riding, turbo boosts my inspirations 🙂

Before I embarked onto photography world, I actually ventured & loved doing videos … it started & finished with home videos … I loved making & editing videos; but then somewhere I shifted seriously towards photography. Here is my first video collage on bike … Editing is done by my talented young brother … many thanks Basit !!!

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