How ‘not’ to shoot a wedding

Posted: June 4, 2010 in My inspirations

I am not a wedding photographer … probably would never be … why so? I don’t know why, but I just know it 🙂

Never before I shot at wedding as ‘The Photographer’ … I volunteered to shoot the wedding of my friends; fully confessing well in advance that ‘Guys, don’t expect an exceptional job from me … so are you really sure to stick with me as your wedding photographer?’ … ‘Yes we do’ … now I had to deliver !

It turns out; it’s not so difficult as it sounds … shooting a wedding, it’s just point & shoot kinda stuff. You don’t have much time to architect the shot; you blink you miss … and you should NOT miss !

Shooting a wedding as solo photographer; no backup camera; no assistant … bad idea. Not that I got into any trouble or had some equipment malfunctioned … But I realized afterwards, I had no plan B. So are you shooting a wedding? Then have your plans A & B ready to execute !

Once you overcome the demon of where & when to start shooting at wedding; it becomes very easy, your photographer auto pilot takes over & you go on cruise control:

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