How I made this shot # 4

Posted: April 8, 2010 in My Shots Revealed

‘More … the better?’ … yes why not 🙂

Bringing more lights in action can add different dimension in the shot. In this particular shot I used three lights setup, which meant slight more complexity. I had to balance out these lights equally so each of them could play their role perfectly. Usually I try to plan my light setup well in advance; this way I save lot of time during actual shoot. Light setup is purely decided on the look & effect which you desire to achieve

In this particular shot, I placed a strobe with grid on it right at model’s back; just enough to keep it out of frame. I didn’t require too much power here, as I just needed a hint of backlit effect. On model’s right side I placed a strip soft box; this gave a bit of separation with very soft light on the side. My main light was again white beauty dish, placed just right of the camera. Model was kept around 8 feet away from black background.

This particular shot required almost no post processing work; I just evened out some untidy flying hair and voila here is the result of above setup along with the light setup diagram.

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