How I made this shot # 3

Posted: April 4, 2010 in My Shots Revealed

Beauty dish is one of my favorite light modifier tool; majority of the time while working with one light setup, I only use beauty dish. Boom stand is another excellent arsenal in my selection; it just multiplies your options to place and direct the light.

This particular shot was again a one light setup; I placed the white beauty dish on boom stand high above the model. With the grid on beauty dish, I was able to control the light on model. I used a white card just under model’s face for fill; just enough to lift some shadows and pop the shot. I wanted to have all details in sharp focus so I shot at F11. Since this was a close headshot; placement of model from the background really didn’t matter. Kudos to makeup artist for great work !

This particular shot required some medium post processing work in PS; I had to even out some untidy hair from face and eye, slight re-touching to remove some spots form skin, voila here is the result of above setup along with the light setup diagram.

  1. Dear Kashif

    Thanks for sharing the details of shot with us.
    Lighting is one science which every photographer wants to learn .The details came very nicely.



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