How I made this shot # 1

Posted: March 25, 2010 in My Shots Revealed

Light setup for this shot was pretty simple one. To light the black paper background, I used two Profoto 600 heads with zoom reflectors on them. Background was metered at F11 to have an even mouse gray color. Both strobes were flagged to avoid the spill on model. Model was kept around 7 feet away from background to maintain the separation between background lights. White Profoto Beauty Dish, slightly right of camera was used as my main light and model was metered at F8. Lastly I added SB800 at 1/16th power with a snoot on it, just to give some details on hair. Flying hair effect was done by using the reflector as fan, powered by voice activated assistant 🙂

On this shot, very minimal post processing work was required; I just evened out some flying hair from face and voila here is the result of above setup along with the light setup diagram.

  1. Michal says:

    nice idea! excellent training material!

  2. […] How I made this shot # 1 […]

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