How it started?

Posted: March 19, 2010 in My inspirations

I grew up among amateur photographers, my father & my uncle. My father’s SLR was always an attraction to me but I never understood how it works; the shutter … the aperture, those were scary things for me; thus my childhood to teen, I never dared to get a camera. Finally, I broke this barrier with a point to shoot Kodak (non digital) & got kick out of it, eventually leading me to get my 1st DSLR Nikon D80, couple of years ago I moved to Nikon D300.

Gulf Photo Plus ( – those guys are kool. I can never write or say enough about GPP. Thanks to GPP, I know lot of world famous photographers … those are my teachers, inspirations, motivations & friends.

It’s been hard work so far, obviously this journey & learning process never ends … fame or prize are not the goals, it’s all for passion !

  1. Josen says:

    Mabruk 🙂

  2. Mohamed says:

    Thanks, Kashif for the kind words and thank you for all your support over the years. M

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